Bikesharing in Prague

Even though the city of Prague does not have its own public bikesharing system, there are other easy ways how to rent a bicycle in Prague. The most common and the easiest one is a private bikesharing system called Rekola. But of course you can find also other regular rental services. In winter, bikesharing systems are considerably limited compared to summer, spring and autumn.

Rekola Bikesharing

If you want to ride a bicycle in the city center occasionally and not worry about maintenance, try Rekola. It’s a Czech bikesharing company, providing more than 450 pink bicycles spread around the city centre.

The shortest subscription is for one hour and costs a bit more than € 1. First 15 minutes are for free. You can also choose one year subscription for 52 € (2018). In winter, the prices are slightly higher: 5 CZK (0.2 €) for unlocking and than 1 CZK (0.04 €) per minute (2019).

The only thing you need is a smartphone and a credit/debit card. Just download the iOS or Android app and start renting the bikes. Rekola system does not have classical docking stations – you need an internet connection to see the bikes on a map and to be able to rent them.

How it works? How to rent a Rekola bicycle?

  1. Download an app, sign up and choose your subscription plan.
  2. Locate the nearest bike on the map.
  3. Find the bike and read the 6-digit number written on the frame.
  4. In the app, press the large Rekola button and enter the 6-digit number. The app will give you a code for the lock.
  5. Unlock the bike, and enjoy a full hour of riding.
  6. When you are finished, return the bike anywhere within the zone. Lock the bike in a bicycle stand or to any fixed point.

E-Bikesharing Freebike

In spring 2019, Czech company Homeport launched an electric bikesharing in the broader centre of Prague. 450 bright yellow bikes are available through an app called Freebike. Bikes are rather heavy (aprox. 35 kg) but with an electric assistance. The basic tarif of an e-powered bike starts at 2 CZK (0.08€) for 1 minute of your ride (04/2019). If you choose to pedal on your own, you will get first 10 minutes for free and then pay 1 CZK (0.04€) per 1 minute. The bikes need to be parked in virtual stations showed in the app.

Photo: Freebike


American bikesharing company Lime is operating fleet of more than 300 electric scooters in Prague. They are available in the broader center of Prague since autumn 2018. Company charges 25 CZK (1 €) for unlocking and then 2 CZK (15 cents) per minute. To rent a scooter you need to download Lime app. The scooters don’t have suspension system, so they are not a good choice for cobbled roads.


Velonet (owned by advertising giant BigBoard) repeatedly established its temporary promotional bikesharing system in different Prague locations. The system is based on Social Bicycles / JUMP Bikes technology combining regular stations with dock-less features. First 15 minutes are for free, afterwards 32 CZK (1.5 €) per hour (07/2018). In the summer of 2018 Velonet operates in a small recreational area in the south of Prague along Vltava river (Prague 4 district).

Regular rental services

Do you need to rent a bicycle for a longer period? Or a special kind of bicycle, not the bikesharing-kind-of citybike? There are many regular rental services where you can rent a bike and/or cycling equipment.

Just few examples:

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