Bikesharing in Prague

Even though the city of Prague does not have its own public bikesharing system, there are other easy ways how to rent a bicycle in Prague.

The most common and the easiest one ist the private bikesharing system called Rekola , from 2017 competing with international system Ofo. But of course you can find also other regular rental services.

Rekola Bikesharing

If you want to ride a bicycle in the city center occasionally and not worry about maintenance, try Rekola. It’s a bikesharing company, providing pink bicycles spread around the city centre.

The shortest subscription is for one hour and costs a bit more than € 1. You can also choose one month subscription for aprox. € 12, or one year for 45 € (2017).

The only thing you need is a smartphone and a credit/debit card. Just download the iOS or Android app and start renting the bikes. Rekola system does not have classical docking stations – you need an internet connection to see the bikes on a map and to be able to rent them.

Rekola bikesharing

How it works? How to rent a Rekola bicycle?

  1. Download an app, sign up and choose your subscription plan.
  2. Locate the nearest bike on the map.
  3. Find the bike and read the 6-digit number written on the frame.
  4. In the app, press the large Rekola button and enter the 6-digit number. The app will give you a code for the lock.
  5. Unlock the bike, and enjoy a full hour of riding.
  6. When you are finished, return the bike anywhere within the zone. Lock the bike in a bicycle stand or to any fixed point.

Ofo Prague

Global bikesharing Ofo started in Prague its testing operation in October 2017 with 300 bikes. Yellow Ofo bicycles can be unlocked and locked automatically using a mobile app for iOS or Android. They do not have to be locked to a fixed object, however this does not mean they should be left anywhere. It is highly recommended not to make obstacles for pedestrians.

It is expected that the standard operation in 2018 will start with pricing that is competitive to other Prague systems. Also, operation will be extended to other parts of the city.

Homeport Bikesharing

Homeport is a bikesharing company which runs in Prague its testing system where they assess their technical solutions. Homeport bikesharing has classical docking stations but all are located just within Karlín district (Prague 8).

It is not very useful as a bikesharing system (unless you move just around Karlín district) but the company offers quite reasonable prices of 24 hours rentals. So if you need to rent a simple bike for a full day, this might be the best option you can get. The one day subscription costs around € 8, in case of two bikes it is for € 14 (2017). But do not forget, you have to return your bikes back to Karlín district.

Homeport Bikesharing in Karlín district

Regular rental services

Do you need to rent a bicycle for a longer period? Or a special kind of bicycle, not the bikesharing-kind-of citybike? There are many regular rental services where you can rent a bike and/or cycling equipment.

Just few examples:

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